Our Story

In 2019, we opened a small restaurant in Penang called Kwong Chiu with a mission to popularize Cantonese food on the Malaysian island. Because of the pandemic, we decided to move our business online, selling handmade dumplings and braised pork and eventually branching out with more dumpling variations, sauces, and a dish dear to our hearts, Hakka abacus. 

As our online business grew, so did our desire to expand our menu beyond Chinese cuisine. To reflect that, we closed Kwong Chiu and created nosh’d. 

Our chef

Meet Kar Weng, our head chef here at nosh’d. He’s a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu with years of experience cooking a variety of cuisines. Now, he's the mastermind behind all of our products.

Our philosophy

Our dishes are ready within minutes — and they’re delicious! We pride ourselves in using only all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, and keeping customer convenience in mind.

to nosh

/näSH/ (verb)
to eat food enthusiastically or greedily